Monday 20 January 2020

Would you like a 20% discount off your order?

Hi everyone,

Did my title attract your attention today? Would you like a 20% discount off your Stampin' Up! order? Well read on to find out how! 

Stampin' Up! have recently been developing a new website for ordering. As with any new site, this needs to go through BETA testing to check that it is all working properly and there are no bugs which need ironing out. And they have chosen the UK market to be the testers for them. Yes we are the guinea pigs for this!

As you will realise, the testing can only be successful if enough people use the new BETA test site rather than the regular site but as it is is still in its earlier stages there are some features which have not been included. And one of those features is Saleabration. Saleabration has not yet been factored into it!!

But Stampin' Up! still want to encourage you to use the new BETA site and so are offering 20% off orders placed on the site throughout Saleabration as a thank you for testing it for us. It is therefore up to you to decide - you can shop on the NEW BETA test site and get 20% off but receive no FREE Saleabration products. Or shop as usual in my online shop and collect your Saleabration rewards! To shop in my normal online shop just scroll up to the top of the page and click "SHOP NOW" 

To shop in the new BETA store you can go straight there by CLICKING HERE. All products in the BETA store show the original prices and the cost with 20% discounted. Don't forget to add me (Jill Chapman) as your demonstrator. Either way you still get to use my monthly shopping code below for a free gift in February! Just add it when you checkout in the box labelled HOST CODE.

PLEASE NOTE - If you do shop on the new BETA site then it will not automatically select me as your demonstrator so PLEASE do put my name (Jill Chapman) in to ensure you get the benefits of shopping with me as usual! This month's shopping code is shown below.

And that is it from me today - I look forward to seeing what choice you make when shopping online this week. 

All the products I have used to make this project are available from my online shop. Simply click "Shop Now" button on the top of this page or click any of the images below to go direct to that item in my online Stampin’ Up! shop. If you order from my online shop please use my monthly shopping code (below) to receive a free thank you gift from me as I really appreciate your business. (If your order is £150 or more then please do not use my code as you will earn Stampin' Rewards in your own right and can choose your own freebies!)

If you would prefer a more personal service, have any questions or need help with your order, please either send me an email or give me a ring. I'll be more than happy to help. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube - links on the left of this page.

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